tympanic antrum

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 [an´trum] (pl. an´tra, antrums) (L.)
a cavity or chamber. adj., adj an´tral.
antrum of Highmore maxillary sinus.
mastoid antrum an air space in the mastoid portion of the temporal bone communicating with the middle ear and the mastoid cells.
antrum maxilla´re (maxillary antrum) maxillary sinus.
pyloric antrum (antrum pylo´ricum) the proximal, expanded portion of the pyloric part of the stomach.
tympanic antrum (antrum tympa´nicum) mastoid antrum.

mas·toid an·trum

a cavity in the petrous portion of the temporal bone, communicating posteriorly with the mastoid cells and anteriorly with the epitympanic recess of the middle ear via the aditus to the mastoid antrum.

tympanic antrum

An air-filled sinus in the temporal bone connecting the mastoid air cells to the epitympanic recess.
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