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PURSE SEINE SUPPLY PER UNIT EFFORT EQUATION: PREFERRED SPECIFICATION Estimated Variable Coefficient t-ratio Yellowfin Supply Constant 0.7613(*) 2.2256 Effort -0.00002(*) -2.9377 [P.sub.S]/[P.sub.Y] -0.6620( Skipjack Supply Constant 0.8790(*) 2.4491 Effort -0.00002(*) -2.6051 [P.sub.Y]/[P.sub.S] -0.6620( * Significant at the 5 percent level for a two-tail test; percent level for a one-tail test.
Ten of the 22 parameter estimates for the variable ENTRY are positive and statistically significant (two-tail test, 10 percent level or better), and four of the ENTRY parameter estimates are negative and statistically significant.