two-point contact

two-point con·tact

(tū'poynt kon'takt)
Method of correct adaptation of a periodontal file to the tooth with the working-end on the calculus deposit and the lower shank resting against the tooth; provides additional stability and leverage needed when using a file.
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Offering high-contact reliability via an effective mating length and a two-point contact system, the DF50/DF50A series board-to-wire connector is designed with blade-type contacts attached to a thick, resilient housing wall that is resistant to cracking or deformation normally caused by wrenching forces during assembly.
Also in these papers the conditions of jamming and wedging which can occur during the insertion at the two-point contact stage are analysed.
During the peg-in-hole insertion at the two-point contact stage two undesirable phenomena--jamming and wedging can occur [7].
Jamming and wedging are two undesirable phenomena in a peg-in-hole insertion and usually occur at the two-point contact stage [3, 4].
15, a), meanwhile the two-point contact stage duration [t.
When the lateral movement reaches the flange clearance then tread and flange two-point contact occur on one wheel while the second wheel is on tread contact.
The HSK standard incorporates a two-point contact system, as well as other features, that permit it to be run at very high speeds with safety and precision.
So IBAG developed a two-point contact system that guarantees Zaxis positioning at all times-the spindle is effectively preloaded.