two-dimensional chromatography

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two-di·men·sion·al chro·ma·tog·ra·phy

paper chromatography in which a spot, located originally in one corner of a sheet, is developed in one direction along one side of the sheet, after which the sheet is rotated 90° and developed, with another solvent, in the new direction; the resultant spots are thus spread over the entire paper, producing a "map" or "fingerprint." Also generalized to include chromatography followed by electrophoresis (or vice versa) and column chromatography followed by paper chromatography.
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Among the devices there were presented in the field of nanotechnology in Iran in the Second Exhibition of Laboratory Devices and Materials Made, mention can be made of products such as scanning tunneling microscope, vibrating sample magnetometer, electrospinning, capillary electrophoresis, atomic force microscope, different deposition and coating systems, gas and two-dimensional chromatography equipment, porosimetry and specific area measurement systems, and metallic nano-colloid and nanopowder production equipment.

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