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the occurrence of a single contraction or a series of contractions of a muscle.


Etymology: AS, twiccian
a series of contractions by small muscle units. Twitching that involves large groups of muscle fibers is identified as fascicular twitching.


n an irregular spasm of a minor extent.
twitching, Trousseau's, a twitching of the face that the patient can exhibit at will and occurs obsessively to relieve tension.


the occurrence of a single contraction or a series of contractions of a muscle.

Patient discussion about twitching

Q. What causes twitching I deal with insomnia,and sometimes i sleep very sound. What causes the twitching during sleeping.Went to bed at 10 pm, and 2 30 this morning my boyfriend was woke up by me twitching. What is the cause of this. I also drink alot of coffee, could that be a factor with it.

A. Twitching during sleep is not something we can control, and it is a very normal event during sleep. Some people experience it more than others, and it's not necessarily connected to you drinking a lot of coffee. Caffiene consumtion can cause slight tremor but not during sleep. Twiching while awake is caused by small fibers of muscles contracting and is also normal. Heavy twiching is something that requires further blood test because certain electrolyte imbalances can cause it.

Q. my sons arm started twitching in the mornings. is that normal? it's scary, not every morning, but once in a while (twice a week maybe more) he's right arm just twitches without control for 2-3 minutes. can i stop it? should i try to restrain him? does any one know this situation?

A. was your son ever diagnosed for epilepsy? if this is the case, it's not dangerous (unless he holds a knife...) so don't restrain him - it can do only damage. but you should be aware that if the seizure does not stop after 3-5 minutes- you should call an ambulance. and don't panic, your son will be O.K :)

Q. eyelids what causes your eye lids too twitch? my left eye lid has been twitching on and off for about a week what causes it and how can i get it to stop.

A. Not an answer, just another question - how long can this go on? My eyelid has been twitching, (likely lack of sleep) for almost a month now. Any treatment that I should seek?

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References in classic literature ?
This helps to keep a man's legs from twitching as he waits and waits and waits for the quick-eared seal to rise.
Memories of her hot, fluffy biscuits, baked chicken, apple pies and delicious coffee, carried trailing aromas that set his nostrils twitching.
Hitherto his orgies had always been confined to one day, and he had come back, twitching and shattered, in the evening.
He pushed his face forward as he spoke and his lips and eyelids were continually twitching like a man with St.
Beebe accepted the convenient word, not without a slight twitching of the lips.
At the end of the ceremony Mrs d'Urberville abruptly asked Tess, wrinkling and twitching her face into undulations, "Can you whistle?
A poor gasping, blushing creature, with trembling knees and twitching hands, is a painful sight to every one, and if it cannot cure itself, the sooner it goes and hangs itself the better.
As he reached the door he met Zeena coming back into the room, her lips twitching with anger, a flush of excitement on her sallow face.
His twitching nostrils were drinking in a familiar aroma.
echoed her husband in a colourless voice, his eyes fixed on the ponies' twitching ears.
Smallweed perpetually twitching her head and chattering at the trivets and Mr.
He was twitching and wincing still when he turned, walked up to Joaquin Santos, and pointed to where I stood with a fist that shook.