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Jeffersonia (jeˈ·fr·sōˑ·nē·),

n a genus of the Asian and American herbs of the family Berberidaceae. The root of
Jeffersonia diphylla is used as a tonic, expectorant, diuretic, and emetic in large doses.
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Tiangco claimed that aside from working as a surveyor of Mercado's firm, Freeway Surveying, Olivar was also on the board of Twinleaf Group Inc.
He added that after his falling out with Vice President Jejomar Binay, the longtime president of the BSP, "it became very difficult for Twinleaf to secure payments.
Mercado identified the contractor as Twinleaf Construction Corp.
This is the time during which wildflower season begins with early violet cress, twinleaf, periwinkle, spring beauty, hepatica and small-flowered bittercress.
Although some snow trillium and twinleaf are done flowering, it's budding time for peonies, meadow rue, large-flowered trillium, trout lily, Jacob's ladder, ragwort and sedum.
Go looking for hepatica, twinleaf, bloodroot, spring beauties, bittercress, violet cress and Virginia bluebells.
30th: The first spring beauties, Dutchman's britches, toothwort, small -flowered bittercress, and twinleaf bloom in the woods just as the first May apple leaves push up from the ground.
If temperatures rise to the 60s for a few days, Middle Spring Wildflower Season arrives with bluebells, twinleaf, bloodroot, small-flowered bittercress and hepatica budding and then bursting into bloom.
Hepatica, harbinger of spring, and twinleaf are pushing out.
Spring beauties, violet cress, harbinger of spring, bloodroot, bluebells, twinleaf, small-flowered buttercup, toad trillium, Dutchman's britches, and even toothwort are coming in around them.