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Jeffersonia (jeˈ·fr·sōˑ·nē·),

n a genus of the Asian and American herbs of the family Berberidaceae. The root of
Jeffersonia diphylla is used as a tonic, expectorant, diuretic, and emetic in large doses.
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Although some snow trillium and twinleaf are done flowering, it's budding time for peonies, meadow rue, large-flowered trillium, trout lily, Jacob's ladder, ragwort and sedum.
Go looking for hepatica, twinleaf, bloodroot, spring beauties, bittercress, violet cress and Virginia bluebells.
30th: The first spring beauties, Dutchman's britches, toothwort, small -flowered bittercress, and twinleaf bloom in the woods just as the first May apple leaves push up from the ground.
If temperatures rise to the 60s for a few days, Middle Spring Wildflower Season arrives with bluebells, twinleaf, bloodroot, small-flowered bittercress and hepatica budding and then bursting into bloom.
Hepatica, harbinger of spring, and twinleaf are pushing out.
Spring beauties, violet cress, harbinger of spring, bloodroot, bluebells, twinleaf, small-flowered buttercup, toad trillium, Dutchman's britches, and even toothwort are coming in around them.