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A 684-residue mitochondrial protein involved in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) metabolism, which may function as an adenine nucleotide-dependent DNA helicase and be a key regulator of mtDNA copy number in mammals. Twinkle is thought to be critical for lifetime maintenance of mtDNA integrity
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The power of that instrument is pretty much lost in the mix, in retro arrangements whose twinkly keybord chordage recalls The Christians or Bob James, and which run in two gears: respectable funk pace, with big burping basslines, and a bit slower.
50PM Claire Danes is a fallen star - the twinkly kind - in a fantasy land.
HOLLYOAKS Mon-Fri C4 It's wedding time for flashy newcomer Porsche, who looklike a Barbie crossed with a Christmas tree fairy in her twinkly meringue.
Her twinkly tiara's in place and her frothy leg-flashing wedding dress has been donned.
The winners, as ever, are the cakes, puds, biscuits and showstoppers they turn out each week, as the steely-eyed master baker Paul Hollywood and twinkly but stern Mary Berry lookon, while Sue and Mel do their best to crack jokes and distract the contestants.
SPARKLES: Oh come on, who doesn't like the twinkly lights and sparkly decorations everywhere?
As for the headmaster, Mr Morrell, I remember him as a rather stern, forbidding character, but perhaps he reserved his twinkly eyes for the girls.
I've got lots of little twinkly lights and lamps dotted around the flat.
He has twinkly eyes, a great sense of humour and a lovely smile -but hunk?
When he was a baby, I used to sing 'When Irish eyes are smiling,' because he has these sparkling, twinkly Irish eyes,'' added his mother, Karen Grubert, 48.
Twinkly lights covered the stage, with a huge I-NY backdrop emphasising the FLC's intimate identification with the beleaguered Apple.