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A 684-residue mitochondrial protein involved in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) metabolism, which may function as an adenine nucleotide-dependent DNA helicase and be a key regulator of mtDNA copy number in mammals. Twinkle is thought to be critical for lifetime maintenance of mtDNA integrity
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TIGGY-WINKLE'S nose went sniffle, sniffle, snuffle, and her eyes went twinkle, twinkle; and she fetched another hot iron from the fire.
They could see the green light twinkle as it passed between the obstructing branches.
Puckett's high-energy percussion, the hard-driving chords of Brooks and LeClerc and Twinkles soft and soulful voice have proven to be a magical combination.
And I've found the one that twinkles When I miss and think of you.
Break out the chopsticks, and celebrate the Twinkie turning 75 with The Twinkles Cookbook ($12.
s Twinkles snack cake celebrated its 70th birthday with limited-edition packaging.
As the sample temperature approaches the critical point, "those twinkles get slower and slower and more and more intense," Gammon says.
Why no," you reply "It's Twinkles dental jewelry by Extreme Dental Ornaments