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A 684-residue mitochondrial protein involved in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) metabolism, which may function as an adenine nucleotide-dependent DNA helicase and be a key regulator of mtDNA copy number in mammals. Twinkle is thought to be critical for lifetime maintenance of mtDNA integrity
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This year's half dozen companies actually come packaged as binary stars: two twinklers casting a heavenly glow on your data; twin spotlights beaming through the noise of social media; and a pair of Internet supernovae threatening to utterly shift the power dynamic of an entire industry.
TV presenter Fearne Cotton and heiress Paris Hilton are also on-trend with their titanic twinklers.
One of the highlights was the singing of Evening Pastorale, during which the hall lights were dimmed and the only glow came from twinklers worn by choir and audience, who were all invited to think of the sick children in the area for whom a hospice would provide vital care.
Tesco town, tunnels and Twinklers flashing toothbrushes just some of the issues addressed by Tesco in its latest submissions to the Competition Commission groceries market inquiry.
Available from Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's, the Twinklers Flashing toothbrush is pounds 1.
Even those favoring diamonds opt for cognac-hued, black or yellow stones rather than the traditional white twinklers.
But those clever people at Twinklers decided there must be some way of making the whole process more interesting, so they came up with the Flashing Toothbrush.