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Wire Arc Spraying is also known as a twin-wire arc spray process.
After five years of use exclusively in AMG engines, twin-wire arc spraying technology will now also be used in the series production of Mercedes-Benz diesel engines.
The A2 Multitrac is a fourwheel drive tractor that can be used for submerged arc welsing (SAW) or gas metal arc welding (GMAW) in a single- or twin-wire configuration.
The twin-wire machines are designed to be faster and more efficient for machining small and delicate parts, even microscopic parts, as well as the small details of high-precision punches and dies or medical parts.
For those of you who live with fourdrinier or twin-wire machines, you might not know that there are still many cylinder machines left.
A series of halogen bulbs situated on a twin-wire track can be positioned either wall to wall or floor to ceiling to illuminate specific areas of a room.
a $245-million, 240,000-metric-ton, twin-wire Valmet newsprint machine which started operating in April, replacing two 60-year-old machines at the mill
The process uses a twin-wire arc spray that melts iron/ carbon wires, then uses nitrogen gas to propel the particles onto the surface of the cylinder bores at a velocity of from 60 to 80 m/sec.
All their effort is focused on the future, and the future is the twin-wire former.
A mill in Scotland reported that it experienced a significant reduction in wet end breaks and increased yield by 2% after installing video cameras at sheet edges on a twin-wire machine.
A TAD machine forming section looks like a typical twin-wire C former with the exception that a steambox and vacuum dewatering are added on the conveying wire to improve sheet solids as much as possible (Fig.