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1. Figuratively, a faint light.
2. Pertaining to faint or indistinct mental perception, as in twilight state.
[A.S. twi-, two]
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He took meals at his desk, the night usually finding him curled up on a Persian rug on the floor and sliding into the twilit approximation of slumber for which he'd enjoyed a well-earned minor celebrity in ROTC, intermittently surfacing mid-lecture mumbling pastiches involving Clausewitz and offensive football theory, the hurry-up versus Boyd's OODA loop, but in-country he had grown fond of letting his eyes glaze over the intricacies of the rug while his digits journeyed deep into the loom, like emissaries gone awry.
The so-called "Hall of Thunder" is a vast twilit cavern that owes its name to the 140ft waterfall from the Trigrad River pounding down outside its roof.
is unique in that her coma did not come about, as far as we are able to know, as a burst from or bolt to the back of the neck, or as a sudden falling backwards with arms splayed, or as a sudden awakening into a new, twilit color -a color we volunteers imagine as a purplish shimmer pressing down upon the chests and heads of the people in comas- but overcame Miss Q.
Go into politics, waste a life: That seems apt advice for most would-be democratic politicians, including those human blanks, like Barack Obama, who succeed in grasping the brass ring--no matter that they lack the talent and competence to succeed in any lawful human enterprise beyond their chosen trade, frequently conducted in the twilit borderlands of the law.
Something huge and shadowy began to form in the twilit space beyond.
The twilit opening, and the evocation of a poisonous feeling through the adjective "veneneux," recall the "vil crepuscle" in "Le Reveil du faune," when the faune goes to lake, cuts the reeds, and fantasizes:
During the early morning of 1974 July 17, a Venus occultation was visible in the dawn sky from New York City, with immersion in a twilit sky and emersion nearly coinciding with sunrise.
In particular, the uncertain status of laws of marriage and inheritance as Das Heilige Romische Reich ended and the Napoleonic Code, or some form of codification, loomed on the horizon, almost certainly played a role in Goethe's conception of the novel--given that his own relationship with Christiane Vulpius and the subsequent status of their son August hovered in the twilit "state of exception" possible under the old regime where the prince's word could create such states, but bound to run up against difficulties under the rule of black-letter law.
My eyes mount downward to the sex of my beloved--we look at each other, we tell each other the twilit words we want to hear, we make love like poppy and remembrance, then sleep together like wine inside a conch, the way the ocean sleeps in moonbeams the color of blood.
The noctilucent clouds remain lit by the sun because of their great height, whereas weather clouds remain in silhouette against the twilit summer evening sky.
The Nazi association restricted them to the twilit badlands of minority politics.