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1. Figuratively, a faint light.
2. Pertaining to faint or indistinct mental perception, as in twilight state.
[A.S. twi-, two]
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Once again, the elementality of the deterritorialized landscape seems to precipitate in gradations from a purity of space--sky, light, mountain, forest, desert and lake are condensations of twilit substance, so that we are not sure of what is what or whether it is all a mirage.
I saw a slowly-stepping train- Lined on the brows, scoop-eyed and bent and hoar- Following in files across a twilit plain A strange and mystic form the foremost bore.
It is the sign and seal of dying to sin and rising to the new life in Christ, and of our being called out and away from that twilit far country into the welcoming fellowship of the household of God.
There, dreaming children are brought to play in a twilit garden on the dark side of the moon.
For every twilit frame in which we see Hannah pensively prone, or pacing--a smoldering cigarette in her hand--there are corresponding scenes in which her passion for, and burden of, ideas comes flowing out in a mesmerizing manner.
On August 14 Swans visit Limelight 2, Michael Gira's outfit returning (yup) to spread the word about their incredible latest album The Seer, while on August 21 The Empire Music Hall hosts Low, who need no introduction but are celebrating 20 years in that twilit world of major acclaim and minor successes.
That side would cycle from complete darkness when eclipsed by the planet (right) to a twilit state (left), as starlight reflected onto it from the top of the planet's atmosphere.
Now the original, unfilmed For God and Country is Zero's twilit, alternate history, haunted not only by desperate cries for help from an earthbound skyscraper but by the American failure three months after 9/11 to nab Bin Laden at Tora Bora in the Afghan hills.
"With all this postmodern Sturm und Drang, one might expect Ancient Light to end in some twilit region of ambiguity, of shroud and eclipse," observed the New York Times Book Review.
He took meals at his desk, the night usually finding him curled up on a Persian rug on the floor and sliding into the twilit approximation of slumber for which he'd enjoyed a well-earned minor celebrity in ROTC, intermittently surfacing mid-lecture mumbling pastiches involving Clausewitz and offensive football theory, the hurry-up versus Boyd's OODA loop, but in-country he had grown fond of letting his eyes glaze over the intricacies of the rug while his digits journeyed deep into the loom, like emissaries gone awry.
What is in this empire that retroguards the twilit fistings.
The so-called "Hall of Thunder" is a vast twilit cavern that owes its name to the 140ft waterfall from the Trigrad River pounding down outside its roof.