Twilight Zone

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A ‘grey zone’ that exists when base pairs from different DNA sequences, or amino acids from different proteins, are compared to determine the degree of sequence similarity—‘homology’; the twilight zone is that degree of sequence similarity in which it is uncertain whether the molecules being compared are or are not related. The term is derived from the US television show of the same name.
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Gordon's "Through the Twilight Zone of Nonbeing: Two Exemplars of Race in Serling's Classic Series" touches upon critical-race studies to argue that the first-season episode "The Big Tall Wish" and the third season's "To Serve Man," unlike most American television dramas of their day, "which required the appearance of blacks (if they appear at all) as the blacks," explore the African-American experience "in ways that brought contingency to the lives of its black characters" (111).
But any carbon in these plants that sinks through the twilight zone will end up in a large reservoir of deep-ocean waters that don't come back to the surface and can store carbon dioxide for hundreds of years.
But for now, most of Mercury is still lost in the Twilight Zone.
To examine this possibility, we compared the involvement of drinking drivers in pedestrian/pedalcycle accidents with those involved in all other fatal accidents in the twilight zone test periods: 11.
Legend has it the original guests were transported into the Twilight Zone, and remain trapped there haunting the hotel.
And in series like Quantum Leap, Time Travelers, and The Twilight Zone, Bakula and others "strive to put right what once went wrong" by interrupting the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, preventing Hitler's rise to power, or rescuing the Titanic.
Mark Stanley's lighting, with its Hollywood searchlight motif, adds an eerie Twilight Zone atmosphere to the ballet's neurosis.
The key, such as it is, to this twilight zone of dreams and nightmares is perhaps to be found in Quardon's artist's book/catalogue.
This soap-operatic whodunit, with tinges of The Twilight Zone, weaves a complex and intriguing web of murder, deceit and psychic detective work.
These stories are reminiscent of the old Hitchcock or Twilight Zone tales that used to thrill television and movie viewers.