hair removal

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The use of lasers or other instruments to remove unwanted facial and body hair by ‘zapping’ the hair follicle to slow or stop hair growth

hair removal

Epilation Cosmetic dermatology The use of lasers or other instruments to remove unwanted facial and body hair by 'zapping' the hair follicle to slow or stop hair growth. See Cosmetic laser surgery.

Patient discussion about hair removal

Q. Is there any treatment in Chinese medicine to remove body hair? I’m a 22 years-old girl, and I’m considering laser hair removal of the hair on my legs. Usually I prefer the natural way, so I wanted to ask if there’s any Chinese way to remove body hair. Is it better than laser?

A. i agree with Melissa- body hair is natural but sometimes it's growth is increased by an unbalanced hormonal state. and Chinese medicine can help on that case. so there is nothing wrong by checking this direction out .

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Unlike tweezing, threading can remove short lines of hair.
Due to a physical constraint called the diffraction limit of light, the smallest space in which optical tweezing can trap a particle is approximately half the wavelength of the light beam.
The most common methods used are tweezing or waxing.
The Engle tobacco class action in Florida went it one better, with the tweezing and fluffing of the jury pool going on for three months; in the end 800 prospects were sent home in the search for the perfect 18, after having been quizzed on such matters as their reading habits and their views on seemingly unrelated issues such as gun control.
Sure, the former Duke goes overboard with her tweezing, moisturizing, and exfoliating--but on the other hand, Noelle's best attempt to copy an outfit from Seventeen magazine gets her sent home from school for appearing in "unfortunate attire."
And because everything's covered up you could forget about the torture of waxing, bleaching and tweezing.
Even between scenes, I sometimes run to my dressing room to do last-minute eyebrow tweezing!'
Among the touted features of the Gold Caress is its "pain-reduction technology." Two vibrating surfaces gently massage the skin on each side of the tweezing head, "greatly reducing the level of discomfort," according to the company.
"We do maintenance, tinting and threading and a bit of tweezing. The tint I use is brown with a hint of black which gives a really soft natural look," she said.
Tenders are invited for Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscope coupled to Inverted Microscope with Optical Tweezing capability to the Department of Physic Bangalore University Under DST PURSE PROJECT 2015- 16.
Yes, she was captured by LA paps tweezing some annoying fuzz out of her face while sitting in her car.
From that unpleasant facial hair that you've been painfully tweezing over the years, to those unsightly pelage-like growths of hair on your legs that you've been painstakingly shaving, up until a few years ago when somebody introduced you to waxing.