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Anything that is neither A nor B, but rather in-between
Paediatrics A child between age 7—older than a ‘little kid’—and 12—not yet a teenager
Pathology Any lesion that has histological features from opposite ends of a spectrum, e.g., an adenoma with features of carcinoma, such as cellular atypia, increased mitoses, and an infiltrative pattern
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We could just as easily ignore the Tweeners as divvy them up, but I lean toward leaving them in.
The innocuous "The Rocker" seems mostly aimed at tweeners (Geiger is a bit of a youth heartthrob), with Wilson as comic relief.
WORCESTER - The "High School Musical" juggernaut continues as a concert tour based on the Disney Channel movie rolled through the DCU Center last night, thrilling an arena full of tweeners well-versed in the tunes about how opposites can attract in a local high school.
Extensions made possible by Ray Dream's Extensions Toolkit include cameras, light sources, gels, atmospheric effects, compositing effects, renderers, shaders, animation tweeners, kinematic and behavioral effects, links, deformers, modeling primitives and import/export of various file formats such as support for VRML.
Be forewarned, however: The song is neither for tweeners nor for the prude and faint-hearted.
He said: "Seveninch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad.
This independent children's bookstore has everything for the budding literato, from picture books and adventure classics to coming-of-age stories likely to get the attention of distracted tweeners.
Some surveys have splintered off consumers born in the early 1960s (1960-1964) into a group also known as tweeners (between baby boomers and Gen Xers).
Ray Dream Animator incorporates highly sophisticated, powerful animation tools -- Inverse Kinematics, Total Control Timeline, Rotoscoping, Tweeners, Object Deformation and Object Behaviors -- that were previously available only on high-end, expensive workstations.
Initially pitching to tweeners and early teens, Aussie coming-of-ager "Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger" later skids into facts-of-life territory many parents won't want their kids to watch.
The singer-songwriter-restaurateur turned thespian plays a science teacher in the big-screen adaptation of Carl Hiaasen's novel for tweeners, an environmental tale about saving endangered burrowing owls that is set in his home state of Florida.
He's been knee- deep in diamond dust in the last year with an album everyone from tweeners to leaners can agree on.