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The whole lot will compost rapidly and can be dug into borders and used to fill raised beds and tubs, as can weedy grass and turves.
Not only will they became an immediate problem when the lawn starts growing, but too many indicate the turves have been poorly managed and will fall apart during the laying process.
If you choose larger turves you will need to hire equipment to help you lay them, which should be available from your supplier.
Make sure that the turf on one row closely abuts that on the next, and stagger the turves so that they are laid like bricks in a wall.
Students at Turves Green Boys' Technology College in Birmingham are being offered weekly out-of-hour lessons in Sindarin -a conversational form of Elvish invented by the Oxford academic and based on Welsh sounds.
A description of the suspect was circulated and a man matching the report was spotted just before 1am in the Turves Green area.
If you leave it more than three days you should spread out the turves in a shady spot to allow air and light to reach the grass and water them if necessary.
If you have a curved edge, don't try and bend the turves to fit, lay them straight and then trim off the excess later with a half moon edging iron or kitchen knife, so the lawn edge follows the shape of your bed.
Rake level, then lay the turves in staggered rows and tamp down with the back of a rake.
APOLOGIES to Geoff Athersuch, of Northfield, who was incorrectly called Gary in last week's article on Turves Green school football team.
Lovell, a subsidary of Morgan Sindall, will build the 353 new homes on land at Staple Lodge Road and Wychall Road at the Wychall Farm Estate and at Harpers Road at the Turves Green Estate.
05pm on Sunday when officers were called to the house in Turves Road.