turpentine oil

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tur·pen·tine oil

(tŭr'pen-tīn oyl),
A volatile oil, distilled from turpentine, which has been used as a diuretic, carminative, vermifuge, expectorant, rubefacient, and counterirritant.
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aureus suspension was provided the temperature of 100degC for 2 h for heat killing and turpentine oil was sterilized by means of autoclaving at temperature of 121degC for about 20 minutes.
Various authors have described Occlusion/suffocation approaches in which the occluding materials like turpentine oil, petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, beeswax or heavy oil, or lard or bacon strips are placed over the central punctum and have been used to coax the larva to emerge spontaneously head-first, which are captured by tweezers (or forceps).[17,18]The treatment is simple and involves usage of anti-larval measures (turpentine oil or mixture of turpentine oil and chloroform) followed by removal of the larvae [9].
Consequently, changes in diffusion and/or partition may occur as a result of quick absorption folloed by the depletion of drug in the donor in the presence of turpentine oil inside the skin /or membrane over time which validates our results.
Some authors have used local iodoform, ethylchloride, mercuric chloride, creosote, saline, or turpentine oil and systemic butazolidine or thiobendazole.