turnover time

turnover time (of tissue),

n the time required for all cells in a tissue to be lost and replaced.
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When we talk about Connected Production that means taking 'enabling technologies' and arranging them in a way that provides value, whether that's increased throughput, reduced downtime, or reduction of turnover time," he adds.
This can substantially reduce the turnover time for aircraft maintenance and airplane turnaround time, attracting more aircrafts to undergo maintenance in Hong Kong and bringing economic benefits by consolidating its position as an aircraft maintenance hub.
The owner repeatedly insisted it was difficult to recall the turnover time between the receipt and final sale of SIM cards, only saying the holiday season was busy.
Study Type Top Two Study Limitations Cost-effectiveness No data collection to prove study relative safety and efficacy (assumes equivalence), no estimation of savings from potential decreased surgical and operating room turnover time Informal cost Does not include the cost analysis of the pre-operative MRI.
Turnover time for the ROC fraction between 1981 and 2008 was calculated using measurements from unburnt treatments and the equation:
Reducing inventory turnover time from three months to two-and-a-half months could yield about 25-percent increase in cash available from inventory.
While showbiz offers stars 15 minutes of fame, the internet has a much quicker turnover time.
The Newport Gwent Dragons youngster has quickly become the strong man of the Wales back row - the T-man, who ends opposition attacks and makes it turnover time for backs like Shane Williams.
The cardiovascular operating room is fully equipped with the equipment needed to perform procedures, so no equipment needs to be moved, which, according to Colonel Waters, decreases turnover time between surgeries from 25 to 35 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes.
Phelps to adequately staff the ambulance night shift and reduce turnover time when sending calls to mutual-aid towns.
Patient wait times, treatment room turnover time, the number of medical orders processed, the number of medical order errors, and/ or the number of open appointments can provide critical feedback to help people improve performance.
In order to properly account for the potential impact of meso-scale eddies, the relevant time window should be about the typical eddy turnover time or longer.