turnover flap

turn·o·ver flap

A hinged flap that is turned over 180°, usually to receive a second flap.
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This is why we propose systematically combining alar batten grafts to the turnover flap technique in order to prevent the appearance of a posterior concavity created by flipping over the medial portion of the alar cartilage.
Lower lateral crural turnover flap (n=3) and lower lateral crural turnover flap combined with alar batten graft (n=3) were performed.
Case 2: Lower lateral crural turnover flap combined with alar batten graft
Clinical application of the adipofascial turnover flap in the leg and ankle.
This could explain the preservation of the function of the TA after it has been used as a split turnover flap. (2)
Based on the clinical finding and the evolution of the wound the following surgical procedures were planned: coverage of the heel wound with a "pedicled instep flap," exploration, and possible reconstruction of a tibial nerve injury using the "turnover flap technique."
After careful preparation of the fascicles and splitting of the distal nerve stump a turnover flap was formed.
In cases where reconstruction of internal linning was also required It was also used as turnover flap. A combination of nasolabial and forehead flap was used in 2 cases.
The forearm radial arterial turnover flap and its clinical applications [in Chinese].
The adipofascial turnover flap for coverage of the exposed distal interphalangeal joint of the fingers and interphalangeal joint of the thumb.
[13] Although adipofascial turnover flaps have been described for dorsal finger defects including fingertips, the nail reconstruction was not been supplied in any of the flaps pointed out.
2] Patient was worked up for Free ALT flap, reconstruction of fistula, palatal mucoperiosteal turnover flaps were raised to form nasal lining.