turnover flap

turn·o·ver flap

A hinged flap that is turned over 180°, usually to receive a second flap.
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This could explain the preservation of the function of the TA after it has been used as a split turnover flap.
Tibialis anterior turnover flap coverage of exposed tibia in a severely burned patient.
After careful preparation of the fascicles and splitting of the distal nerve stump a turnover flap was formed.
The rather novel fascicular turnover flap technique applied in this case was first introduced by Koshima and coauthors in 2010 [2].
In cases where reconstruction of internal linning was also required It was also used as turnover flap.
The forearm radial arterial turnover flap and its clinical applications [in Chinese].
2] Patient was worked up for Free ALT flap, reconstruction of fistula, palatal mucoperiosteal turnover flaps were raised to form nasal lining.