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The old man looked at her for an instant with an expression of the deepest tenderness, then, turning towards the notary, he significantly winked his eye in token of dissent.
'Why, now she's on the other tack!' exclaimed Sikes, turning a look of excessive surprise on his companion.
[21] considered three input flows and two left turnings to study the traffic behaviors under two crash avoiding rules; Ding et al.
Each complete cycle or "saeculum" (the length of time roughly equal to the potential lifetime of a person-80-l00 years) consists of four "turnings," or generations, each about 20-25 years long.
The four turnings are the High (spring), the Awakening (summer), the Unraveling (fall) and the Crisis (winter).
"The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade.
Or rather, the turnings of fire: first sea and of sea, half is
near-burlesque in colored scarves, turning firewood to ash and heat.
the turning shaft and tassels gone to fire beyond that paltry stage,
"In 1969, the local Union Carbide ferro-alloy plant decided to outsource its turnings processing," says Muckle.
Ashtabula Iron & Metal put in a laboratory and started blending turnings. The firm took in turnings from the automakers and other scrap yards.
"We accepted turnings with known and unknown chemistry, classified them, added or blended out alloy and provided custom-manufactured chemistry for various industries.