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Obstetrics Version; the rotation of a foetus for vaginal delivery
Public health The abrupt change in a domesticated animal’s behaviour, from docile to aggressive, resulting in attacks on humans, which may be fatal; turning is most common in pitbull terrriers and rottweilers, which together cause the bulk of dog bite-related fatalities in the US


[AS. turnian, to turn]
1. Rotating to change position.
2. Version (2).


Turning from side to side permits lung expansion. Patients may turn themselves or be turned by a caregiver. The head of the bed is also elevated to promote drainage if the patient can tolerate this position. Critically ill patients and those dependent on mechanical respiration are turned once every one to two hours around the clock.


an obstetrical term for alteration of the presentation of a fetus in a dystocia. Called also version.

Patient discussion about turning

Q. When it may turn the drinker down? what are the nutritional aspects of beer and when it may turn the drinker down?

A. Well…….I do drink beer ……you know why………….it has been found with lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves bone density. Beer gives you alcohol metabolized energy in calories and protein, carbohydrates, minerals -- calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, vitamins—B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 if you take in limit say a mug per day. But if it goes over then you will have chances of liver damage, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, pancreatic disease and some cancers.

Q. Can depressions turn into a bipolar? Anyone here who is misdiagnosed as depression but supposed to be a bipolar? It had happened with me ……I was on antidepressants from 3 years and now they say I am bipolar….can depressions turn into a bipolar?

A. It's very very normal for people to suffer from depression before they are diagnosed, or have even had, their first bipolar episode. Bipolar most commonly develops during late adolescents into the early thirties. Usually, people who eventually become bipolar have a long history of depression, anxiety, and/or other mood disorders. In my case for instance, I was diagnosed with Major Depression when I was 14. When I was 21 I had my first manic break and my diagnosis was changed to Bipolar II disorder. It doesn't mean that the original diagnosis was wrong, I just hadn't become bipolar yet. Just like a chest cold develops into pneumonia, its not necessarily a misdiagnosis, just a progressive disorder. I suspect that adjusting treatment to your updated diagnosis will be very beneficial.

Q. My brother is bipolar now turning to alcoholism because he is showing such symptoms. My brother is bipolar and I have found that during his episodes of depression he runs to a bar every night and he risks himself by driving alone on that rushing highway…..now a more bad condition is arriving that he; in spite of episodes goes to a bar. I mean is he turning to alcoholism because he is showing such symptoms……..we will take him to doctor soon…just wanted to have some of your views…

A. Your bro might be self medicating in an effort to gain control of his emotions. A good psychopharmacist may be able to both diagnose and find the right treatment for him! Hopefullt he is willing!

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Two other scenes of divine intervention, also in the Stanza d'Eliodoro, include twisted, turning figures as signs of narrative reversal: the seated female figure in the lower left corner of the Mass at Bolsena, 1512, (30) and, in Repulse of Attila, 1513-14, the horseback Atrila, who responds to the appearance of saints Peter and Paul, and the Hun in the middle foreground gesturing to Pope Leo I.
Those are the sorts of benefits that can be achieved by utilizing hard turning in place of grinding for a variety of workpieces, ranging from gear blanks to wheel hubs.
Automatic turning beds help prevent bed sores by selectively reducing capillary pressure through the gradual and continual turning of patients.
The cost of a W&H unit, including nip section, turning bars, and collapsing frame, for a 60-80 in.
From here turn left to go along Wall Hill Road and continue on for approximately three-quarters of a mile to Chapel Green and the junction with the B4 102 where you turn right towards Fillongley and Nuneaton and, shortly after passing under the M6, take the first turning to the left towards Green End and Newhall Green.
Start turning on left leg when the ball arrives at zero or at the right front.
They also discovered that denervating a regenerating limb before this transition prevents dll from turning on, whereas later denervation does not turn off the gene.
Grill corn until browned in spots and tender, green onions until lightly marked, and chile until black and blistered in spots, over direct medium heat, turning occasionally.
After less than 1/2 a mile, turn left at the T-junction towards Maxstoke and after approximately 1/2 a mile, take the second turning to the right into Hardingwood Lane.
If, for example, an athlete is having trouble turning his right leg, you must drill him on this until he can do it.
Continue on for approximately of a mile and then take the first turning right into Hawkes Mill Lane.