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It is those lights that will be turned off, probably in an alternating pattern.
Its transformer goes into a fitful sleep whenever the product to which it's attached is turned off.
We're giving SoonR users a new level of flexibility by enabling them to receive and share critical information, ideas and knowledge on a 24 x 7 basis, even when their computer is turned off," said Martin Frid-Nielsen, founder and CEO of SoonR.
At city parking lots, except for Park and Ride lots, lights are now being turned off at 10 p.
And, although the scoreboard at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas was turned off, the Xtreme scored four touchdowns and a field goal while holding the San Francisco Demons scoreless on a cold and wet Thursday afternoon.
With ced-9 turned off, "cells that were supposed to survive and became neurons or muscles or some other kind of cell were killing themselves," says Ellis.
Dillard had turned off the water June 15 to the four-plex in the 38700 block of Larkin Avenue.
Even so, the Pentagon spokesperson says that, "based on cost and return-on-investment, P78-1 would have been turned off in early 1987, when ground systems are scheduled to be upgraded.
It was successful,'' said Tom Hare, city facilities manager, who turned off the power from 9:30 to 10:15 p.
Less than one-third of consumers who have embraced online banking have actually turned off their paper statements for their primary checking accounts, and paperless adoption is even lower for all other types of bills and statements.
They say although the utilities in their individual units won't be turned off, they will still be affected.