turn-around time

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turn-around time

, turnaround time Abbreviation: TAT
The time it takes to process an order, carry it out, and report the results, e.g., the time between ordering and reporting laboratory test results.

Patient care

In the rushed environment of contemporary hospitals, especially in emergency departments and intensive care units, TAT can be a problem between physicians and nurses who order lab tests and the laboratorians who complete them and report the results. At the bedside, TAT starts with the ordering of the test. In the lab it begins when the specimen or the order for the test is received; next it is processed; and, finally, the results are reported to the clinician. Decreasing TAT without sacrificing the quality of reported results makes timely modifications in treatment possible; it requires careful planning at the bedside, a rapid system of specimen transport, an easy-to-use order entry system and log, and an efficient laboratory with well-trained professional staff.

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As most cases sent out for a second opinion are already delayed, the turn-around time is a very important aspect of the second opinion consultation practice.
Wright entered a year's worth of data on factors that could affect turn-around time, such as late sample retrievals, wrong identification numbers, equipment failure, personnel shortages and the need for additional testing.
Ordering the proper x-ray, proper labeling and notification of the radiology department, suitable turn-around time for procedures, and adequate and acceptable quality of films are all important steps in this part of the encounter.
In summary, plastics for foundry tooling has grown because they offer the shortest turn-around time after production of a master pattern, simple pattern duplication, light weight tooling, simplified pattern modification and repair, and the ability to use existing pattern equipment for masters, all of which add up to significant cost savings.
However as for now, you can bet NorthernAxcess Inc., and their newly awarded Authorized Repair Center status will be developing in many ways, and making sure that their clients across the globe continue to receive operational iridium service on all their satellite phones models whatever they may be, reducing repair turn-around time, making one-on-one calls, and using such data to assist iridium in making sure all stays well in many newly developing avenues of software, and equipment.
Furthermore, a retrospective analysis of turn-around time demonstrated that the assay managed to identify methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) species about 42 hours earlier compared with similar methods.
It is also stocked with spare parts which will help in reducing the turn-around time for repairs.
That way, the turn-around time for component repair will not be delayed because the unit didn't perform the correct turn-in procedure.
It is the first company in Pakistan to introduce on-line underwriting facility to issue large sum policies without any medical examination of customers with minimal turn-around time through its BancaTakaful distribution channel.
Recognizing the need for accelerated turn-around time and minimizing cost per sample in the clinical toxicology laboratory, the company has developed various GC/MS applications using the Finnigan TRACE DSQ single quadrupole mass spectrometer.
As discussed earlier, reducing turn-around time by increasing FMS customer self sufficiency or relying on expedited transportation can achieve a significant reduction in pipeline spares cost.