turn-around time

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turn-around time

, turnaround time Abbreviation: TAT
The time it takes to process an order, carry it out, and report the results, e.g., the time between ordering and reporting laboratory test results.

Patient care

In the rushed environment of contemporary hospitals, especially in emergency departments and intensive care units, TAT can be a problem between physicians and nurses who order lab tests and the laboratorians who complete them and report the results. At the bedside, TAT starts with the ordering of the test. In the lab it begins when the specimen or the order for the test is received; next it is processed; and, finally, the results are reported to the clinician. Decreasing TAT without sacrificing the quality of reported results makes timely modifications in treatment possible; it requires careful planning at the bedside, a rapid system of specimen transport, an easy-to-use order entry system and log, and an efficient laboratory with well-trained professional staff.

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Eurofins has recently implemented new, fast methods of extraction and automated clean-up steps that revolutionise the turn-around times of dioxin analyses.
The new services available through Miracle DocPrep will enable our clients to provide better value and service to their own customers by reducing turn-around time and delivery costs of closing documents, and enhancing their levels of compliance.
The center utilizes the latest technology and an advanced robotic system, enabling faster turn-around time for fulfillment of customer orders and the capacity for expansion and future growth.
Toshiba and NEC Electronics expect the joint effort to reduce development burdens and to shorten turn-around times for highly advanced system LSI.
The VDP system was designed to increase capacity and reduce operational costs while providing customers with quick turn-around times, speed of delivery and business continuity protection.
The reputation of CYBEX as a brand is not only important, but is enhanced by their support and incredible turn-around times on the manufacturing and delivery of the equipment.