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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]


n casting term used to denote irregular flow of metal into a mold. May result in porosity.
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Lehner said for many years, the folklore among physicists was that gravity could not be turbulent, adding that the belief was that gravity is described by a set of equations that are sufficiently different from fluid dynamics equations, such that there would not be turbulence under any circumstances.
Molly Bogle said: "If they get through the Championship, their turbulent times will just be starting.
In the first of three episodes, Hindley's turbulent childhood in Gorton, Manchester, is explored, as well as the events which led to her fateful meeting with Ian Brady.
On Wednesday 3 July the Ministry of Interior issued a statement vowing to protect the Egyptian people during the turbulent times the country is currently facing.
The Turbulent Universe blends philosophy and science and represents the author's final work, which lays out the basic principles of an ethical approach applying moral choices to scientific discoveries.
Summary: Struggling British carrier Flybe Group reported a bigger full-year loss, after a turbulent year of battling soaring fuel costs, falling passenger counts and higher airport charges, particularly in London.
NEWCASTLE'S council leader warned of turbulent times ahead as a revised package of cuts was revealed.
The theme was "Changing Business Model in Turbulent Times--Leveraging TCM".
Security officials say gunmen shot a senior Egyptian security official in the country's turbulent northern Sinai region.
Summary: Speaker Nabih Berri said Thursday the turbulent region required that Lebanon boost its unity, civil peace and lay down a strategy for sustainable development.
The problem of heat transfer in turbulent pipe flow is of importance in mechanical and engineering fields and is encountered in a variety of engineering applications such as flow in turbo machines, heat exchange, combustion chambers, nuclear reactors, etc (Redjem-Saad et al.