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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]
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Significant, sudden changes in global temperature leads to more frequent air pockets above the world's jet stream winds, thereby increasing cases of turbulences.
Frequent fliers notice turbulences on a regular basis, so several aircraft manufacturers are working on technology could lessen the effect inside the cabin, reported travel+leisure.
Boeing is developing a laser which when attached to the nose of an aircraft could steer the pilots away from air turbulences, reported travel+leisure.
Travelers who remember to keep their seat belts on during turbulences need not be bothered by it, as in 2016 only over 40 people were injured due to this.
Built to designs by the Paris-based practice Hennin-Normier-Lelievre, 'Turbulences' opened last year in Saint-Die, an old industrial town in the Meuse valley amid the steep wooded hillsides of the Vosges in north-east France.
The project's inception dates back to 1989 when, frustrated by the limitations of the institutionalised care of their children, and by prejudice, exclusion and feelings of guilt, a group of parents decided to found an educational and support association named 'Turbulences'.
The bicentenary of the French Revolution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1989 provided an opportunity to gain publicity and official backing for 'Turbulences'.
Normier suggested to the mayor of Saint-Die that the acquisition of the tower might be complemented by a residential and day-care centre for handicapped children and adolescents, sited in the centre of town and run by the 'Turbulences' association in collaboration with local volunteers and a professional staff.
One of the challenges is to verify its compatibility with in flight use under turbulence conditions, including light, moderate and severe.
The process is thorough and specifies that the design of systems should take into account aeronautical effects (such as turbulence) and the way they affect the efficiency of pilots' interactions.
Such simulation would also alleviate the risk on usability of touch displays in turbulence and refine design recommendations for interactions with touch technology (HMI design and physical installation).
To characterize aeronautical turbulence one must specify its origin and its intensity.