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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]


n casting term used to denote irregular flow of metal into a mold. May result in porosity.
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Using such relationship, the various levels of turbulence were approximated with regards to maximum acceleration and maximum displacement withstood
Though the best evaluation remains the flight tests in real turbulence, it is costly and the environment isn't always predictable (finding areas of turbulence isn't always feasible) and moreover impossible to control (similarity and level).
It was installed near the center of gravity of the aircraft to collect movement and accelerations (3 angular + 3 linear) at 100Hz when submitted to various levels of turbulence.
The mathematical transformation produced XYZ & 3 Angular accelerations around a stabilized georeference that would be the center of the hexapod, hence producing the turbulence profiles.
5 seconds sample was chosen based on diversity (maximum displacements and accelerations within the sample) and lack of symmetry (the chaotic nature of turbulence had to be preserved).