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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]


n casting term used to denote irregular flow of metal into a mold. May result in porosity.
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One of the worst things that could happen during a flight is turbulence.
The researchers note that their modeling results need confirmation through observations, which could be carried out by airplanes, drones, or sounding balloons measuring the level of turbulence and the electric field within a storm.
China Eastern didn't specify when or where the turbulence took place.
Recent studies have shown that the most common altitude for clear-air turbulence per flight hour tends to peak at FL350, with moderate to severe turbulence preferring FL300.
You can't see turbulence nor can you predict where it's going to hit.
The TAPS software will reside on Gogo's server, which provides access to the necessary data generated by the aircraft to create reports of turbulence intensity.
Using the Gogo network, pilots in the cockpit will now be able to access real-time turbulence reports and forecaster created alerts through Weathers flight planning and operations applications like WSI Fusion and WSI Pilotbrief, and aircraft communication displays.
Wind turbulence intensity, length scales, spectra, which can all vary with height.
Let's say the airplane encounters a given gust of turbulence that imparts some amount of force upon it.
To characterize aeronautical turbulence one must specify its origin and its intensity.
The numerical investigation was carried out by full three-dimensional steady state compressible fluid CFD-simulation using Ansys Fluent, the employed model utilized the standard k-[epsilon] turbulence model to solve the flow equations.