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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]


n casting term used to denote irregular flow of metal into a mold. May result in porosity.
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Gas cools and falls toward the black hole at an accelerating rate, causing the black hole to increase the output of its jets, which produce cavities and drive the turbulence in the gas.
The original equations written for each component of the Reynolds stress were reduced to their general form in terms of the turbulence energy and its dissipation rate with additional effect of the particulate phase.
McKeon said that they now have a low-cost way of looking at the 'skeleton' of wall turbulence, explaining that similar previous experiments required the use of a supercomputer.
Moderate or greater turbulence has a specific definition in aviation.
To this purpose the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations govern the transport of the averaged flow quantities, with the whole range of the scales of turbulence being modeled.
So although Winning in Turbulence may not have the depth of other business books, it is still a helpful tool for busy executives faced with hard decisions.
Predicting turbulence caused by nearby storms or low pressure systems is much easier than knowing when CAT might hit.
This report, from NASA and the National Research Council, assesses federal wake turbulence research and development programs to consider whether goals to address the issue of wake turbulence as a barrier to increased air traffic are well-defined, whether there are any deficiencies in them, and what the roles of federal agencies should be.
Among various CFD influential factors, proper selection of a turbulence modeling method is a key issue that will directly affect the simulation accuracy and efficiency.
It is shown that the model explains the marked difference between the turbulence regimes on the cyclonic and anticyclonic sides of the stream.
The turbulence caused minor injuries to three crew members, reported Iceland Review.
However, splashing and turbulence during the initial stages of filling can be excessive due to the high speed of the rotation of the mold.