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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]
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Before each flight, the cockpit and cabin crew have a joint briefing and share information on high turbulence areas and expected times of occurrence.
A case of severe turbulence in June on a flight from Kosovo to France was captured on video, showing a flight attendant hitting the ceiling and another praying.
Passengers told reporters the turbulence had tossed people into the air, some hitting the ceiling.
The aircraft experienced turbulence, half an hour after take-off.
As plasma turbulence at kinetic levels is poorly understood to this day, while adequate kinetic turbulence models are yet to be developed, we turn towards space plasma configurations to offer simpler environments for isolating fundamental turbulence dynamics.
According to Turkish Airlines Inc., the Boeing 777 type aircraft, which had taken off from Istanbul with 326 passengers and 18 crew members, landed safely at the airport at 5.35 pm on Saturday, after it experienced the said turbulence.
In this case, moderate turbulence was confirmed from pilot reports (PIREPS) and in situ eddy dissipation rate (EDR) sensors on commercial airliners at the eastern edge of the UTLS anvil.
Airlines now rely upon pilot reports and weather advisories to mitigate the impact of turbulence on their operations, the IATA noted.
In the present study, we address the hypothesis that this variation derives at least in part from within- and among-population genetic variation in how turbulence activates competence.
Keywords: Relational uncertainty, partner interference, relational turbulence, married couples
So when the turbulence hit, they hit the overhead cabin because of a bump.
The accurate predictions of superlaminar bearings need precise models for turbulence effects in oil flows.