A reducing disaccharide.
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Potential Sucrose Substitute Turanose Biosynthesized
For the qualification and quantification of the saccharides, the HPLC chromatograms of the samples were compared to those of commercial standards of fructose, glucose, saccharose, turanose, maltose, trehalose, erlose, melezitose, raffinose, maltotriose and maltotetrose.
All the samples contained the dissacharides turanose (mean value 2g/100g) and trehalose (mean 0.
The contents of other two disaccharides, cellobiose and turanose were in the ranges of 1.
Chemical compound/ Honey type Fructose Glucose Sucrose Maltose Turanose Acacia 345.
Determined sugars in Romanian robinia honey samples (g/100g of honey) Sample Fructose Glucose Sucrose Turanose Maltose S1 45.
mellifera and Melipona honey are poor in oligosaccharides, but honeys produced by other stingless bee species are rich in maltose and show slightly higher values of turanose, erlose and trehalose.