tuning fork

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a pronged instrument.
tuning fork a device that produces harmonic vibration when its two prongs are struck; used to test hearing and bone conduction. See tuning fork tests.
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tun·ing fork

a steel or magnesium-alloy instrument roughly resembling a two-tine fork; the vibrations of the tines, when struck, produce a pure tone and overtones; used to test hearing and vibratory sensation.
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tun·ing fork

(TF) (tūn'ing fōrk)
Steel or magnesium-alloy instrument roughly resembling a two-pronged fork, the vibrations of the prongs of which, when struck, give a musical tone of restricted bandwidth; used to test hearing and vibratory sensations.
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The steps in evaluating sudden hearing loss include: (1) appropriate history and physical examination (eg, otoscopic examination, tuning fork tests), (2) urgent audiometry to confirm hearing loss, (3) immediate referral to an otolaryngologist for further testing (eg, tympanometry, blood tests, MRI), and (4) initiation of treatment.
Her biofield anatomy hypothesis states that sound balancing makes use of frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field or biofield of a person that surrounds every person's body.
The simulation results have shown not linear dependence between the tip length and quartz tuning fork oscillation amplitude, Q-factor and frequency difference.
The conventional digital closed-loop self-oscillation system based on the CORDIC algorithm for the tuning fork resonator is shown in Figure 2.
This study was designed to examine the effectiveness of the 128 Hz tuning fork, 1 g and 10 g monofilaments, and QOL-DN questionnaire for the identification of early signs of DPN in OOI, PD, and T2D study populations.
"Imagine that the tuning fork is a track, and the phonons flowing up from the base are runners on the track.
A value of 8/8 or 7/8 (almost no residual vibration of the tuning fork) is considered to be normal, and lower values (high levels of vibration of the tuning fork) indicate an impairment of vibration sense.
And in the financial heart of New York, one woman said she saw a Wall Street skyscraper "shaking like a tuning fork".
This may influence the outcome of commonly used tools to identify neuropathy like the Diabetic Neuropathy Symptom (DNS) Score, 10-g Semmes-Weinstein monofilament, vibration testing by 128 Hz tuning fork, ankle reflex and the Diabetic Neuropathy Examination (DNE) score.
"If I took a tuning fork and wanted to get it to the quantum ground state, I would have to cool it below 50 billionths of a kelvin," he explains.
Gently strike the tuning fork against your desk or tabletop.