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a chemical element, atomic number 74, atomic weight 183.85, symbol W. (See Appendix 6.)
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tung·sten (W),

A metallic element, atomic no. 74, atomic wt. 183.85.
Synonym(s): wolfram, wolframium
[Swed. tung, heavy, + sten, stone]
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(W) (tŭng'stĕn)
A metallic element, atomic no. 74, atomic wt. 183.85.
Synonym(s): wolfram, wolframium.
[Swed. tung, heavy, + sten, stone]
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Elemental tungsten has a silvery white, metallic luster.
Billing also noted that Bona is adjacent to Thor's wholly owned Molyhil tungsten project.
Nippon Tungsten prides itself on its ability to provide cutting solutions not typically offered by other providers.Your operations demand the longest possible tool life.
Using tungsten on the other hand produces neither oxygen nor moisture or carbon, so that high product quality without contamination is assured.
Tungsten previously received from the purchaser a cash consideration of GBP 3.95m in part payment of the premium, with the outstanding consideration to be paid in cash at final completion.
Kahramaa poited out: "LED bulbs of 7, 11, 20 and 23 watts could replace tungsten lamps of 25, 60, 100 and 120, respectively."
Features include: stainless steel strainer, shaft, impeller, outlet and hardware for maximum corrosion resistance: mechanical seals in enclosed pressure compensated oil chamber; nitride hardened 410 stainless steel impeller for abrasive applications: tandem tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide mechanical seals; field adjustable nitrile rubber-lined diffuser/wearplate optimizes efficiency throughout the life of the pump; and equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes for maximum life in a saline fluid environment.
Tungsten Corporation Plc (LSE: TUNG) said it is now extending its invoice financing service into the US.
Mining quotas for heavy rare earths and tungsten, in the meantime, were retained at 2013 levels.
Having high levels of the metal tungsten in your body can put you at risk for stroke, according to a study published in the Nov.