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Swollen; tumorlike; protuberant.
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Craniotomy revealed subdural and intracerebellar jelly-like tumorous tissue.
Dr Bennett said: "Spreading of tumorous cells to secondary sites within the body represents a major threat to the life of patients with the common forms of cancers.
Under the current practice, the surgeon cleans the tumorous tissues and send them to pathology.
Case of tumorous capillary hemangioma of the maxillary sinus [in French].
To further confirm that the localized DJ-1 and HSP27 are identical to the peaks found by ProteinChip analysis, areas of similar size from tumorous and healthy tissue that were previously analyzed in IHC were obtained by tissue laser microdissection.
Once, a woman lay her head on a pillow to sleep without noticing that the pillow she lay her head on was the tumorous, removed, left lung of her mother--
One third of men who had died in their 60's showed tumorous growths in the prostate gland, and nearly 50 percent of the men between 70 and 81 years of age were harboring prostate cancer.
Surgeon Dr Lance Landvater, of the Wakemed Raleigh Campus Hospital, treated her successfully under a special agreement between the British and US governments but tragically tests revealed more tumorous material in the fluid around Ruth's heart.
Dr Shorrock wrote two reports on the death of Liversedge woman Gladys Allen, 78, who died after surgery for a tumorous kidney at Dewsbury District Hospital in January, 2000.
The mosquito-borne virus kills tumorous cells while leaving healthy ones alone, making it ideal for cancer treatment.