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Swollen; tumorlike; protuberant.
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Mainland, and Beijing, China) from the tumorous tissues in accordance to manufacturer's guidelines and protocols.
In this classification, for those cases where the tumorous cells presented a genetic ex pression similar to luminal epithelial cells of the mammary gland, the cancer is classified as Luminal.
A vertebral magnetic resonance imaging scan was performed due to walking impairment, which revealed tumorous bone involvement, but showed no evidence of infection (either abscess or osteomyelitis).
After analyzing the samples from the two groups the results showed that in group 1 the concentration of Hsp70 was very high and considering the fact that this protein was also found in high concentration in other types of cancer, it is presumed that it may help tumorous cells survive apoptosis and necrosis.
However, the cause remained unclear, as enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and thallium scintigraphy did not reveal the presence of any tumorous lesions, such as pigmented villonodular synovitis or hemangioma.
constituting the medical imaging database storage for normal and tumorous medical images, features extraction of the medical image, storage of extracted features in knowledge base, knowledge base is then used to train the classifiers to identify the pattern, and finally the development of the an expert system that make a comparison based on identified pattern of statistical model for both ,normal and tumorous, images would lead to the diagnoses of tumor.
However, prolonged interactions with mycoplasmas with seemingly low virulence could, through a gradual and progressive course, induce chromosomal instability as well as malignant transformation, promoting tumorous growth of mammalian cells.
Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi's leading tertiary care facility, recently treated a rare case involving a tumorous bone growth, with great success.
These post-industrial, tumorous growths of detritus branch from simple, planar ceramic canvases, with digitally altered images splayed across the mostly smooth, paper-like surfaces.
Tumorous epithelial cells, in interaction with stromal cells, and with the help of various molecules of extracellular matrix (ECM) create a microenvironment suitable for cancer cell proliferation, movement, and differentiation [4-13].
A case of multiple immunoglobulin G4-related periarteritis: a tumorous lesion of the coronary artery and abdominal aortic aneurysm.
With dampness creeping down his back, he cobbled together bits and pieces of metal, melted a bezel ring to a hinge, soldered the strikeplates and deadlatches and skittery innards of doorknobs into one tumorous mass.