tumor marker

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something that identifies or that is used to identify; see also determinant.
cell-surface marker an antigenic determinant found on the surface of a specific type of cell.
tumor marker a biochemical substance indicative of presence of a tumor; ideally, it should be specific, sensitive, and proportional to tumor load. Called also biomarker.
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tu·mor mark·er

a substance, released into the circulation by tumor tissue, the detection of which in the serum indicates the presence of tumor.
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tumor marker

Biomarker Oncology Any substance present in ↑ amounts in serum that may be used for early CA detection; most TMs are nonspecific and little used to screen for CA; they may be used to detect recurrence–eg, CEA in Pts with known colorectal and other CAs Examples Oncofetal proteins–α-fetoprotein, CA-125–ovarian CA, CA-15-3–breast CA, CEA–ovarian, lung, breast, pancreas, GI tract CAs, PSA–prostate CA
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tu·mor mark·er

(tū'mŏr mahr'kĕr)
A substance released into the circulation by tumor tissue; its detection in the serum indicates the presence and specific type of tumor.
Synonym(s): tumour marker.
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tu·mor mark·er

(tū'mŏr mahr'kĕr)
A substance released into the circulation by tumor tissue; its detection in the serum indicates the presence and specific type of tumor.
Synonym(s): tumour marker, tumour marker.
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Patient discussion about tumor marker

Q. what is a safe tumor marker number range?

A. depends on the marker...most of the markers are materials that found normally in our body. and there are a number of markers and their levels differentiate. what marker do you mean?

Q. My wife(53) has elevated CEA and CA19.9 levels - near 150, without any concomitant reason/observation? Comment

A. Hi Bobby3,

The most important question is why were these tests done?
An elevated level may result from many causes, some of them are simple and some are more problematic. IMHO the best thing would be consulting her doctor to consider the need to check-up her alimentary system.
You can read more here (http://www.ascocancerfoundation.org/patient/ASCO+Resources/Patient+Guides/ASCO+Patient+Guide:+Tumor+Markers+for+Gastrointestinal+Cancers) and here (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Detection/tumor-markers)

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However, 25 out of 29 people showed varying degrees of anxiety, and 20 wanted to retest tumor markers. This not only increases the patients' financial burden but also wastes medical resources.
The first description of tumor markers came from Egyptian papyrus and it dates back 2000 years ago, where a difference between breast cancer and mastitis was established.
The remaining 3 patients did not undergo a biopsy, and their tumors were diagnosed using surgical specimens or serum tumor markers, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH).
In this study, we analyzed the serum levels of six tumor markers in suspected patients with lung cancer, evaluated the relationship between tumor markers and lung cancer histological types, and determined whether the combination of the tumor markers was useful for histological diagnosis of lung cancer.
As to the literature, an ideal tumor marker should fulfil certain criteria when using it as a test for detection of cancer disease: (1) positive results should occur in the early stages of the disease, (2) positive results should occur only in the patients with a specific type of malignancy, (3) positive results should occur in all patients with the same malignancy, (4) the measured values should correlate with the stage of the disease, (5) the measured values should correlate to the response to treatment, (6) the marker should be easy to measure.
We report here on this remarkable case history whereby Paul's pancreatic tumor markers were dramatically reduced and survival extended, without the patient having to endure the grueling agonies of conventional chemotherapy.
Epidemiological information on age parity, presenting symptoms, tumor markers and type of imaging, mode of surgery (laparoscopy/laparotomy) and the type of surgery performed were collected from electronic health records after approval by the ethics committee.
The use of carbohydrate antigen (CA) 15-3 as a tumor marker in detecting breast cancer.
Nowadays, the need for reliable diagnosis tests has attracted the attention of many scientific societies in order to identify tumor markers in human serum.
Most of the serum tumor markers available today were introduced decades ago and were applied to clinical use without rigorous evaluation of their clinical validity.
In June 2006, MediGene and the DKFZ initiated this collaboration for the purpose of the therapeutic development of monoclonal antibodies against the tumor marker L1.

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