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2. the condition of being swollen.
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The condition of being or becoming tumid.
Synonym(s): tumefaction (2) , turgescence
[L. tumesco, to begin to swell]
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(to͞o-mĕs′əns, tyo͞o-)
a. A swelling or enlarging.
b. A swollen condition.
2. A swollen part or organ.
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The condition of being or becoming tumid.
Synonym(s): tumefaction (2) , turgescence.
[L. tumesco, to begin to swell]
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1. A swelling or enlarging of a part.
2. A swollen condition.
3. A penile erection.
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Patient discussion about tumescence

Q. How can we avoid swelling in the legs?

A. it really depends what the cause is- there are 219 different causes, not all of them have the same treatment..you will have to be more specific.
here is a site that helps me a lot, maybe you'll find it useful :)

Q. What Causes ankle Swelling? My son woke up this morning with a red, swollen ankle. What could cause this situation?

A. A swollen and red ankle suggest either a traumatic injury to the joint or an infection in the joint, adjacent tissues or bones. This is an emergency and it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible, especially if the joint loses its ability to perform movements in all directions.

Q. can flights cause swelling of the legs? is it normal? is it dangerous? i took a flight from London to N.Y.C a week ago and my ankles looked like two red blimps afterwards and it was painful walking on them later.

A. i think that you got acquainted with my old friend-"Economy class syndrome".. i got it while flying to Australia. this is not normal- this is what happens when a clot of blood forms in your veins (usually legs) and stops blood flow back to the heart. if you already have problems with blood coagulation - your Dr. should have told you to be careful while flying. if not- you got an early call and should check it out. CNN did a story on that, i found you a link:

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