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Ervin Alden, U.S. obstetrician, 1862-1902. See: Tucker-McLean forceps.
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With Heather Locklear as James' bride-to-be, the supporting cast comfortably weathers Hurricane Tucker.
The stars: Charlie Sheen, Chris Tucker, Paul Sorvino, Heather Locklear, Gerard Ismael, Elise Neal.
The Tuckers paid the sellers the $400 they would have gotten from the slaughterhouse and brought the mule home.
One can see why the younger Tuckers wished they had been born a generation sooner.
Nicholas Tucker, 46, had a torrid affair with 23-year-old blonde Dijana Dudukovic.
It was during 1985 that the Tuckers reported total income of $765,833 as payoffs on his investments began to escalate.
Our BurnGuard products are the essence of the company," says Vincent Tucker, president of Tucker Safety Products.
Chris Tucker Live To Debut Exclusively on Netflix on July 10
It was just an afternoon stop at a Del Taco drive-through when Lori Tucker got the first sign of things to come.
Love in the Driest Season: A Family Memoir by Neely Tucker Crown, February 2004 $23.
Tucker, his bald head framed by graying temples, steps to the pulpit.
Cuts can be the second or third most common and costly injury in a commercial kitchen," explains Vincent Tucker, president of Tucker Safety Products.