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a small tube; especially, a minute canal found in various structures or organs of the body. adj., adj tu´bular.
collecting t's the terminal channels of the nephrons, which open on the summits of the renal pyramids in the renal papillae.
convoluted t's channels that follow a tortuous course; there are convoluted renal tubules and convoluted seminiferous tubules.
dentinal t's the tubular structures of the teeth.
galactophorous t's small channels for the passage of milk from the secreting cells in the mammary gland.
Henle's t's the straight ascending and descending portions of a renal tubule forming Henle's loop.
lactiferous t's galactophorous tubules.
mesonephric t's the tubules comprising the mesonephros, or temporary kidney, of amniotes.
metanephric t's the tubules comprising the permanent kidney of amniotes.
renal tubule the minute canals composing the substance of the kidney and secreting, collecting and conducting the urine; in the glomerulus they have a basement membrane and epithelial lining.
seminiferous t's the tubules of the testis, in which spermatozoa develop and through which they leave the gland.
uriniferous t's renal tubules; channels for the passage of urine.
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(tū'byūl), [TA]
A small tube.
Synonym(s): tubulus [TA]
[L. tubulus, dim. of tubus, tube]
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(tū'byūl) [TA]
A small tube.
Synonym(s): tubulus [TA] .
[L. tubulus, dim. of tubus, tube]
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In the examined kidney images the pathological findings are connected with alterations in the imaging of the two major salient objects, tubulus and glomerulus, which are the major parts of the kidney for the processing of its renal function.
Table 2 indicates that the classification methodology incorporated in Ratsnake enables automatic annotation of ROIs very accurately, despite the type of the objects of interest considered, and performs best for the annotation of nonpathogenic tubulus objects.
Both functional and histologic damage to the proximal tubulus has been demonstrated (8-13).
Tubulus contortus The convoluted portion of a seminiferous tubule.
Restricted tubular reabsorption may occur as a result of tubulus ischemic damage or an overload of the tubular reabsorption capacity.