tubuli contorti

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con·vo·lut·ed tu·bule of kid·ney

the highly convoluted segments of the nephron in the renal labyrinth that make up the proximal convoluted tubule, which leads from the glomerular capsule to the descending thick limb of the nephronic loop, and the distal convoluted tubule, which leads from the ascending thick limb of the nephronic loop to the collecting tube.
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tubuli contorti

(1) (Proximal or distal) convoluted (renal) tubules; tubuli contorti (proximalis or distalis) (renalis) [NH3]. 
(2) Convoluted seminiferous tubule; tubuli seminiferi contorti [NA6].
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con·vo·lu·ted tu·bule

(kon'vŏ-lūt'ĕd tū'byūl)
Either of the two intricately coiled segments of the renal tubule; the proximal convoluted tubule leads from the capsule of the kidney to the straight portion of the proximal tubule; the distal convoluted tubule is formed from the ascending limb of the loop of Henle and ends in a collecting tubule.
Synonym(s): tubuli contorti (1) .

sem·i·nif·er·ous tu·bule

(sem'i-nif'ĕr-ŭs tū'byūl)
One of two or three twisted, curved tubules in each lobule of the testis, in which spermatogenesis occurs.
Synonym(s): tubuli seminiferi recti [TA] , convoluted seminiferous tubule, tubuli contorti (2) .
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