tubular adenoma

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tu·bu·lar ad·e·no·ma

1. a benign neoplasm composed of epithelial tissue resembling a tubular gland.
2. dysplastic polyp of the colonic mucosa that is considered a potential precursor of adenocarcinoma.
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In that study, all serrated lesions contained BRAF mutations, while adjacent inflamed mucosa and conventional tubular adenomas had activating mutations in KRAS with wild-type BRAF.
Major Finding: Recommendations supported by new evidence include a 5-to 10-year interval for individuals with one or two tubular adenomas less than 10 mm in size.
Ten percent had hyperplastic polyps, 9% had tubular adenomas, and 2% had advanced neoplasms.
Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer and the American Cancer Society, patients with two or fewer small (less than 1 cm) tubular adenomas with only low-grade dysplasia should have their next follow-up colonoscopy in 5-10 years.
Lieberman noted that more than 50% of endoscopists are recommending more frequent surveillance than expert guidelines recommend for patients with a low recurrence risk, including those with small tubular adenomas.
Our preliminary results suggest that the polyps we described as "hyperplastic polyps with extensive absorptive enterocyte differentiation" show a pattern of expression similar to the hyperplastic polyps rather than the serrated or tubular adenomas.