tuberoinfundibular tract

tu·ber·o·in·fun·dib·u·lar tract

a system of fine, unmyelinated fibers apparently originating from small-cell nuclei of the tuber cinereum, especially the arcuate nucleus, and terminating in the median eminence of the infundibulum, in contact with modified ependymal cells and the capillary tufts from which the hypothalamohypophysial portal veins originate.
See also: pituitary gland, neurosecretion.
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Axons from these cells course laterally and caudally and finally terminate in the median eminence, forming the tuberoinfundibular tract. Neurosecretory cells from other locations in the hypothalamus (e.g., ventral region) also send axons toward the median eminence and contribute to this tract.