tuberculum cinereum

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tu·ber·cu·lum ci·ne·'re·um

a longitudinal prominence on the posterolateral surface of the medulla oblongata along the lateral border of the tuberculum cuneatum; it is the surface profile of the spinal tract of trigeminal nerve, continuous caudally with the dorsolateral fasciculus (Lissauer tract).
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Luigi, Italian anatomist, 1773-1831.
fissure of Rolando - a double S-shaped fissure extending obliquely upward and backward on the lateral surface of each cerebral hemisphere at the boundary between frontal and parietal lobes. Synonym(s): central sulcus
rolandic epilepsy - a benign autosomal dominant form of epilepsy occurring in children.
Rolando angle - the angle at which the fissure of Rolando meets with the midplane.
Rolando area - the region of the cerebral cortex most immediately influencing movements of the face, neck and trunk, arm, and leg. Synonym(s): motor cortex
Rolando cells - the nerve cells in Rolando gelatinous substance of the spinal cord.
Rolando column - a slight ridge on either side of the medulla oblongata related to the descending trigeminal tract and nucleus.
Rolando gelatinous substance - the apical part of the posterior horn of the spinal cord's gray matter, composed largely of very small nerve cells. Synonym(s): gelatinous substance
Rolando tubercle - a longitudinal prominence on the dorsolateral surface of the medulla oblongata along the lateral border of the tuberculum cuneatum. Synonym(s): tuberculum cinereum
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