tuberculosis cutis orificialis

tu·ber·cu·lo·sis cu·'tis or·i·fi·ci·a·'lis

any tuberculous lesion in or about the mouth or anus.
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With the exception of primary inoculation TB, tuberculosis cutis orificialis and miliary TB, all cutaneous TB are paucibacillary in nature.2 Its incidence is around 2% among all clinical form of tuberculosis.
Mucosal lupus is rare, (1) and hence our patient's oropharyngeal lesion might actually have been tuberculosis cutis orificialis. Tuberculosis cutis orificialis is a more common form of secondary cutaneous tuberculosis; it is contracted by reinoculation from an exogenous source, but the resulting lesion is essentially multibacillary, and it classically occurs in patients with a persistently poor immune status.
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