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The arrangement of tubercles or nodules in a part.
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and tuberculation. Less Generation of vacuum Delay in process, pressure condition, leaks could cause condensation, air fire & explosion dissolving in liquid, restricted pump/compress or suction line, undetected leakage, vessel drainage.
The final step was to line the cleaned pipe with a special concrete mortar, which maintains the smooth lining, thus rendering these pipelines more efficient and preventing the tuberculation from recurring.
"[c]leaning and cement lining usually eliminate the problems of tuberculation and the necessity of periodic cleaning for as long as the cement lining lasts." 39 T.C.
Dominant status of male specimens was determined by two most identifiable nuptial secondary sex characteristics of reproductive Lythrurus fasciolaris males: (1) heavy tuberculation (large, horny protuberances covering most of head/nape epidermis) and (2) presence of the saddle (dark, vertical dorsolateral bars) pattern dorsally (Dimmick et al., 1996).
The fossil also reveals fine tuberculation on the body where cuticle has been preserved and, while there is some degree of localization, the tubercles do not define identifiable segments.
Corrosion had pitted the inside walls of the pipe and minerals deposits formed over the pitting resulting in tuberculation. Varying with water acidity, tuberculation causes a host of problems, including discoloration of the water, capacity and pressure losses, undesirable taste, water leaks, and burst mains.
The repair was made necessary by the change from the use of well water to more acidic river water, which had caused tuberculation. In holding that the expenditures were deductible repairs, the court explained that the cement lining did not qualify the pipe for a new use, but rather permitted the taxpayer to use the pipe for its intended purpose - carrying water.(41)
The sewer at the Pine Grove Resort, which runs under a concrete floor, is approximately 70 feet in length and ranges from five to six inches in diameter with heavy tuberculation, making rehabilitation a challenge.
Tuberculation of post cephalic tergites (Di, De, DL, L), with some of them fused.
The tuberculation on the body surface of fourhorn sculpin appears to resemble sand and gravel grains, and spiny tubercles of shorthorn sculpin might have a similar effect.
The severe tuberculation was most likely caused by the high chloride content of the sewage from the upstream basin that empties into this line for transport to the Central District Waste Water Treatment Plant on Virginia Key.