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/tu·ber·cu·late/ (too-ber´ku-lāt″) having tubercles.


(to͝o-bûr′kyə-lĭt, tyo͝o-) also


1. Having or affected with tubercles.
2. Tubercular.

tu·ber′cu·la′tion n.


, tuberculated , tuberculate (tū-bĕr'kyū-lăr, -lāt-ĕd, -lăt)
Pertaining to or characterized by tubercles or small nodules.
Compare: tuberculous


(of plant parts) warty, having small blunt projections.

tuberculate, tuberculated

covered or affected with tubercles.

Patient discussion about tuberculate

Q. Can a low back pain start from picking up something from the oven? My mother has a low back pain. It started five days ago while she picked up a cake from the oven. the pain is always there, it bugs her while she sleeps and it excruciate while she is doing her regular physical activity. What can it be? should we go to our GP? Is there anything we can do to ease the pain except Tylenol? Just for the record my mom is 69 years old, and she has tuberculosis and a heart disease.

A. This is a case where your mom should have an examination by a professional. A chiropractor would be the specialist to deal with back pain and can make any appropriate referrals if necessary.

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