tubercle bacillus

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 [bah-sil´us] (pl. bacil´li) (L.)
1. an organism of the genus Bacillus.
2. any rod-shaped bacterium.
anthrax bacillus Bacillus anthracis.
Calmette-Guérin bacillus bacille Calmette-Guērin.
coliform bacilli gram-negative bacilli found in the intestinal tract that resemble Escherichia coli, particularly in the fermentation of lactose with gas.
colon bacillus Escherichia coli.
glanders bacillus Pseudomonas mallei.
Hansen's bacillus Mycobacterium leprae.
legionnaire's bacillus Legionella pneumophila.
tubercle bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
typhoid bacillus Salmonella typhi.

My·co·bac·te·ri·um tu·ber·cu·lo·'sis

a bacterial species that causes tuberculosis in humans; it is the type species of the genus Mycobacterium.
Synonym(s): Koch bacillus, tubercle bacillus (1)

tubercle bacillus

A rod-shaped aerobic bacterium (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that causes tuberculosis.

tubercle bacillus

(1) Mycobacterium avium complex.
(2) Mycobacterium bovis.
(3) Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

My·co·bac·te·ri·um a·vi·um

(mī'kō-bak-tēr'ē-ŭm ā'vē-ŭm)
A bacterial species causing tuberculosis in fowl and other birds. Linked to opportunistic infections in humans.
Synonym(s): tubercle bacillus (3) .

My·co·bac·te·ri·um bo·vis

(mī'kō-bak-tēr'ē-ŭm bō'vis)
A bacterial species that is the primary cause of tuberculosis in cattle; transmissible to humans and other animals, causing tuberculosis.
Synonym(s): tubercle bacillus (2) .

My·co·bac·te·ri·um tu·ber·cu·lo·sis

(mī'kō-bak-tēr'ē-ŭm tū-bĕr'kyū-lō'sis)
A bacterial species that causes tuberculosis in humans. It is the type species of the genus Mycobacterium.
Synonym(s): Koch bacillus, tubercle bacillus (1) .


pl. bacilli [L.]
1. an organism of the genus Bacillus.
2. any rod-shaped bacterium.

Battey bacillus
Calmette-Guérin bacillus
mycobacteriumbovis, rendered completely avirulent by cultivation over a long period on bile-glycerol-potato medium. See also bcg vaccine.
Friedländer's bacillus
glanders bacillus
burkholderiamallei (previously Pseudomonas mallei).
Hansen's bacillus
tubercle bacillus
typhoid bacillus
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Physicians should test urine of every kidney patient for tubercle bacillus content.
From Koch's recognition of the tubercle bacillus to Waksman's discovery of streptomycin over thirty decades of trial and error passed; the contributions of these men to medical science remain almost obscure footnotes.
Within a week in some patients, several weeks in others, the tubercle bacillus disappeared from the expectorate.
John Snow's use of early epidemiologic tools to associate cholera deaths with water from the Broad Street pump, Louis Pasteur's development of vaccines, and Robert Koch's discovery of tubercle bacillus and the cholera vibrio all get their deserved attention; Florence Nightingale's use of numerical data to demonstrate improvements in patient hygiene comes as a pleasant surprise.
Tuberculosis and the Tubercle Bacillus has many contributors; chapters are provided by experts in many areas of TB research to bring together a comprehensive update of research development in the past decade.