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white mark on the feet. In horses this means from the coronet to halfway up the cannon. In dogs and cats, it is white from the paws up to the carpus or hock.

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Q. What's the thing with having diabetes and flights? I heard that I might have problems with my feet and I should buy special socks.

A. As above stated, diabetics are at increased risk for forming clots b/c of the damage to the blood vessel walls due to high glucose. This can cause narrowing in the arteries (vessels bringing blood to tissues) as well as increase your chance of a DVT. With regards to the socks, my guess is that you're talking about pressure socks which are common for people with varicose veins and venous insufficiency where blood doesn't return from the leg well. This stasis (non movement) of the blood makes it more likely for you to form a clot. The pressure stockings in turn prevent veins from dilating and allow more blood to return from the legs, keeping the blood moving and decreasing your chance for a clot. These stockings and raising your legs periodically are some of the best activities to decrease any pain from varicose veins or swelling in your legs from vessel problems. As you're sitting still in a flight, the lack of movement means there's less blood leaving your legs (as most blood in

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May 9: A man, wearing what appeared to be a tube sock over his head and claiming to have a gun, received an unknown amount of cash from a Wendy's at 2830 Willamette St.
Eugene police are searching for a man who robbed a Wendy's restaurant on Willamette Street Tuesday night, while wearing what appeared to be a tube sock over his head.
Chandra Cohn fills a tube sock with ice cubes for Merrick to wear like a collar to keep him cool.
To make the outfit complete, both artists wore a single tube sock on the one bare leg.
Socko (a tube sock puppet) personalized by Superstar and best-selling author Mick Foley.
From the first scene in the movie - teen boy watching scrambled porn and getting friendly with a tube sock - the filmmakers make their randy intentions plain and clear.
The third baseman from Alemany High School wore a long white tube sock with the words, ``Hi Mom'' written on it in black marker.
But rethink the shoes in color, like mint or light blue, and be sure to wear a geometric print sock instead of a white tube sock with a red stripe around the top,'' said Julian.
The fact that you can buy a 12-pack of tube socks for $6.
Bryant's poem begins: "Dear Basketball, from the moment I started rolling my dad's tube socks, and shooting imaginary game-winning shots in the Great Western Forum, I knew one thing was real: I fell in love with you.
No problem" sounds suspiciously like a one-size-fits-all response - the tube socks of daily courtesy.
Wearing tube socks and flats would be unacceptable on any bear but his disarming personality makes it work.