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tryptophan, tryptophane

Trp; a naturally occurring amino acid, existing in proteins. High levels of intake of d,l-tryptophan are thought to be a significant cause of atypical interstitial pneumonia in cattle. The actual toxic agent is 3-methylindole, a metabolic product of d,l-tryptophan in the rumen.

D, L-tryptophan
component of some roughages; high levels can cause acute bovine pulmonary emphysema and edema.
tryptophan oxygenase
first enzyme in the catabolic pathway for tryptophan. Essential step in the pathway to synthesis of nicotinamide nucleotides NAD+ and NADP+. Approximately 30% of the nicotinamide nucleotide requirement of some animals can be supplied through this enzyme. The cat is notably lacking in the latter capacity.
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At one time, tryptophane tablets were sold by most vitamin and specialty retailers as a health food and natural sleep aid.
In these aliqouts conjugated dienes, tryptophane fluorescence and antioxidants ([alpha]-tocopherol, [beta]-carotene, terpinolene) were quantified as shown in Fig.
Copper--catalyzed diene conjugation and decrease of tryptophane fluorescence have been used as sensitive and relevant model reactions for testing potential biochemical mechanisms for this initiative events (Giessauf et al.
This leads to a very strong delay of both diene conjugation and tryptophane fluorescence (Figs.
If we compare the kinetics of protein oxidation and dieneconjugation with [alpha]-tocopherol, [beta]-carotene- and terpinolene-oxidation in LDL, we observe that immediately after incubation of LDL with copper ions protein oxidation (measured as decrease of tryptophane fluorescence) is initiated (slow phase).
Early destruction of tryptophane residues of apolipoprotein B is a vitamin E independent process during copper-mediated oxidation of LDL.
When monitoring loss of tryptophane fluorescence a similar antioxidative effect of rutin was observed.
Monitoring the behaviour of terpenoid loaded LDL during copper-induced loss of tryptophane fluorescence we focused on [gamma]-terpinene.
Monitoring the loss of tryptophane fluorescence of such LDL samples similar results are observed.
A similar effect is observed when monitoring the loss of tryptophane fluorescence, a marker for protein oxidation.
Extension of late protein oxidation measured by the loss of tryptophane fluorescence of LDL.