trypan blue

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try·pan blue

(trī'pan blū), [C.I. 23850]
An acid azo dye; used for vital staining of the reticuloendothelial system, uriniferous tubules, cells in tissue culture, and as an experimental teratogen; formerly used as a trypanocide.
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Con·go blue

(kong'gō blū)
Sodium salt used to stain and identify protozoa.
Synonym(s): Niagara blue, trypan blue.
Sodium salt used to stain and identify protozoa.
Synonym(s): Niagara blue, trypan blue.
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After sh-HULC and/or miR-130b mimic (inhibitor) transfection, B-E, the viability, migration, invasion, and apoptosis of GH3 cells, and F, the expression levels of PARP, cleaved-PARP, pro-caspase 3, cleaved-caspase 3, pro-caspase 9, and cleaved-caspase 9 in GH3 cells were assessed using trypan blue staining assay, two-chamber transwell assay, Guava Nexin assay, and western blotting.
The trypan blue and aceto-orcein staining revealed that the breakdown of nuclear membrane and starting of meiosis II reduced or stopped in a higher dose of DSAE-treated culture (Figure 4).
Then, viable fungal cells after exposure to caspofungin were determined by the trypan blue assay.
After 24 h of incubation with fluorochrome-conjugated siRNA, cells were treated or not with trypan blue before analysis.
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The total number of viable cells was determined at each time point by the trypan blue exclusion test (Strober 2001).
Today, agents such as indocyanine green, trypan blue, autologous serum, triamcinolone acetonide, and brilliant blue are used to make the ILM more visible during MH surgery.
The cells viability was evaluated by means of dye exclusion test (0.04% trypan blue solution).
Determination of cell growth: Cell density of hybridoma cells suspension was determined by trypan blue exclusion method using a hemacytometer.