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Etymology: AS, treowo
a rule or statement that conforms to fact or reality.

Patient discussion about truth

Q. If the lie is our truth & living the truth feels fake & unreal how do we persevere to the needed chang there's the real me, good & underdeveloped. there is the worldly me, challenged as all of us probably are. there is the addict me, afflicted half or more of my life, developed & strong. two out of three are tough odds to deal with...

A. the battle against your own self is harsh and there will be casualties. reality is based on your own definition of the world around you, but it also based on how the world defines you. this is your escape from the inner struggle- define yourself and your actions not by your own faulty judgment but by how the world and it's moral judge you.
good luck.

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It is time for the Lib Dems to be truthful instead of misrepresenting the facts on their dodgy pre election leaflets that fool nobody.
The Truthful Phone is a feel-good, fastpaced, high-concept comedy with Jim Henson-esque creatures wreaking havoc in a craggy, remote village.
Best of all, while there may be future adventures for Truthful, this is a successful standalone novel.
The opinion allows a small company called Amarin to convey off-label information--primarily, peer-reviewed medical studies--to physicians about a drug, so long as that information is truthful and misleading.
So much is to be gained from being truthful as opposed to escaping punishment or blame because of not being truthful.
An effective, truthful, sincere, and timely communication strategy between people and their governments that are fighting extremist groups is currently the need of the hour, according to policy makers and experts at the first day of the International Government Communication Forum in Sharjah (Sunday, February 22).
He's a really good man, he's an honest man, he's a truthful man.
The primary dependent variable was the degree to which the story being told by the speaker was judged to be truthful.
If you don't know the answer, be truthful and say you don't know, but that you'll look it up.
Anil points out that "the element symbols Al (aluminium or aluminum) and N (nitrogen) are alphanumerically truthful.
Terry says: "We wanted to make something that was gentle and a little bit truthful.
Summary: In December 2012, the 2nd Circuit issued a groundbreaking 2-1 decision, holding that the First Amendment protects the truthful, non-misleading off label promotion of pharmaceutical .