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And now, while we are on the trusts," Ernest went on, "let us settle a few things.
To destroy the trusts is the only way we can see to escape their domination.
That, gentlemen, is socialism, a greater combination than the trusts, a greater economic and social combination than any that has as yet appeared on the planet.
Have you ever asked what will happen to you when greater combinations than even the present trusts arise?
You are compelled to form a new political party because the old parties are in the hands of the trusts.
We captured the state legislature of Oregon and put through splendid protective legislation, and it was vetoed by the governor, who was a creature of the trusts.
When the combination of the trusts will control all legislation, when the combination of the trusts will itself be the government," Ernest interrupted.
When you rise in your strength, remember, the reason for your rising will be that the government is in the hands of the trusts.
And in the time to come, when you rise in your strength, remember that you will be rising against the property of the trusts, and the liberty of the trusts, according to the law, to squeeze you.
Some time ago you were fighting the Milk Trust," Ernest said to him; "and now you are in Grange politics.
I'm fighting the Trust on the only field where it is possible to fight--the political field.
The Trust could put milk upon the market more cheaply than we.