truncal obesity

truncal obesity

obesity that preferentially affects or is located in the trunk of the body as opposed to the extremities.

abdominal obesity

A clinical form of obesity which is more common in men. Those with waists > 40 inches have a 3-fold > risk of high cholesterol, were 4-fold more likely to be in poor physical condition, and had a 7-fold increased risk of diabetes.

central obesity

Obesity defined as increased waist-to-hip and waist-to-thigh ratios, waist circumference and sagittal abdominal diameter, which is accompanied by an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

truncal obesity

Abdominal obesity, see there.

trun·cal o·be·sity

(trŭng'kăl ō-bē'si-tē)
A body habitus where fat stored is patterned in the trunk rather than on the arms, legs, or elsewhere on the body.
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ORLANDO--The risk factors for death in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease include older age, male sex, truncal obesity, and a low HDL cholesterol level--in other words, the same factors that increase risk for death from cardiovascular disease and other causes, according to Dr.
Major finding: Age, male sex, truncal obesity, and a low HDL level are risk factors for death in patients with NAFLD, but are common to other causes of death as well.
At that time, she was found to be hypokalemic and hypertensive with signs of CS including truncal obesity, striae, glucose intolerance, hirsutism, and depression.
Lipodystrophy, weight gain and truncal obesity are common after initiating ART.
The aggressive clinical course of SCLC often precludes the development of classic Cushingoid findings including striae, moon face, and truncal obesity.
1] ratio, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, truncal obesity, psychosocial stress, physical inactivity, low fruit and vegetables intake and low alcohol intake) explain more than 90 per cent of incident myocardial infarctions (5).
This was not meant to be a risk prediction score but a loosely defined clinical condition with permutations of multiple metabolic abnormalities such as atherogenic dyslipidaemia (low HDL cholesterol, raised triglycerides), raised blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance and truncal obesity.
Completed a Phase I multiple ascending dose trial for ostarine in healthy men and elderly men with truncal obesity.
True (A) or false (B): Lipodystrophy is a complication of ART that presents as truncal obesity, enlarged breasts and peripheral wasting of the buttocks, limbs and face.
Kowdley said; NAFLD is highly associated with truncal obesity.
After 3 months of inhaled and intranasal steroid she had facial lipohypertrophy, truncal obesity and facial hirsutism.
She developed facial and truncal obesity, facial hirsutism and a buffalo hump after 2 years on treatment with inhaled steroids.