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Herbal medicine
A poisonous evergreen vine; it is not used by herbologists.
A remedy that has been used to treat the nervous system and mucosal membranes, as well as cardiac arrhythmias, earaches, fever-associated myalgias, headaches that are worse with bright lights, insomnia, menstrual dysfunctions, phobias, shock, sore throat and trembling.
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THE trumpet flowers of Brugmansia suaveolens (angel's trumpets) are intensely scented at night, so find it a sunny, sheltered spot.
* Lilium candidum, which comes from the Mediterranean and produces a sweet-scented cluster of pure white trumpet flowers on stems from 90cm-180cm tall (3ft-6ft).
Its large white trumpet flowers are stained with purple outside and gold inside.
The Royal Botanic Kew Gardens seed selection offers a wealth of different varieties such as stephanotis floribunda, a frost tender evergreen climber, which produces deliciously scented milky-white trumpet flowers and are often seen in houseplant displays.
A variety of Angels Trumpet with striking purple/white bi-coloured trumpet flowers throughout the summer that reach 1.2m in height.
PENSTEMONS make a perfect addition to any border with their graceful nodding trumpet flowers and they will provide a continuous supply of blooms from June until well into the autumn.
The name originates from the Greek leirion, a term applied to the madonna lily, Lilium candidum, which comes from the Mediterranean area and produces a sweet-scented cluster of pure white trumpet flowers on stems from 90cm-180cm tall (3ft-6ft), depending on soil and conditions.
But whatever you choose, don't be without a few Gentians, especially Gentiana sino-ornata with its almost mossy foliage and those famously enormous blue trumpet flowers.
Their classic trumpet flowers are unmistakable, whether nodding in drifts through the lawn or packing a punch in pots.
Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia arborea) has a delightfully heady scent from its huge white trumpet flowers and is ideal in a conservatory, but can be brought outside for the summer.
BRING vibrant red clusters of trumpet flowers with Nova Zembla rhododendrons for only pounds 4.45 - and that's half price.
2 HIPPEAST RUMS - With their extravagant trumpet flowers, these are absolutely perfect if you are trying to create the ultimate in glamorous flower displays - but at a price to match their impact.