true vocal cords

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true vocal cords

Etymology: ME, treue, faith; L, vocalis, of the voice; Gk, chorde, string
the vocal folds of the larynx (plicae vocales), as distinguished from the vestibular folds (plicae vestibulares), called false vocal cords. They are located inferior to the false vocal cords. See also vocal cord.

true vocal cords, the vocal folds of the larynx as distinguished from the vestibular folds, called the
false vocal cords.

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Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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25] The most common site of involvement observed in this study was the true vocal cords (86%), the lesions being located in either the right vocal cord or the left vocal cord in 46% of cases and on both vocal cords in 40% of cases.
Surgical treatment of the benign lesions of larynx is necessary not only for the histological confirmation of the clinical diagnosis but also for reestablishing the mechanism of normal phonation, which is altered by the changes in the mass, flexibility, elasticity, resistance, or morbidity of the true vocal cord.
This method fails to differentiate clearly between invasive carcinoma of the true vocal cord and intracellular atypia and to determine the penetration depth of the laryngeal cancer [6].
2 cm cranio-caudal soft tissue mass in the larynx extending from the epiglottis down through the level of the false vocal cords, vestibule, and true vocal cords.
6,7 When the polyps appear at the underside of the true vocal cord, the hanging lesions would flop and follow the rhythm of respiration.
GLOTTIS: The glottis begins from the superior (Upper) surface of the two true vocal cords superiorly and extends to 1cm below the free margin of the vocal cord inferiorly.
The true vocal cords appear pearly white in colour and contains the vocal ligaments, which in turn are the thickened medial edges of the thyro-aryteniod muscles.
SUBGLOTTIS: The subgottis begins superiorly from 1cm below the free margin of the true vocal cord and extends inferiorly to the lower border of the cricoid cartilage.
There is change of epithelium lining the true vocal cords i.
In the true vocal cords, diminished height of the stratified squamous epithelium is observed as a result of desquamation Goblet cells are more in number in the lower part of the laryngeal mucosa as compared to the previous group (Fig.
Later on the epithelium over the true vocal cords and dorsal surface of the epiglottis changes into the stratified squamous type.