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A popular term referring to the appearance of blood vessels, in particular of the retina, which are easily visualised and which have discontinuous (segmented) columns of blood fancifully likened to trucks (also known as railway cars) on a railway; trucking is regarded as a post-mortem finding
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I want to congratulate TAZ Trucking for making this major investment that will provide Warren County with 57 new jobs, Sen.
Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson said TAZ Trucking exemplifies the success possible for area companies.
The low-profile and quick and easy installation of ORBCOMMs telematics solution were key differentiators in our decision to move forward, and we are extremely pleased with the seamless deployment and our ability to power up the units remotely through ORBCOMMs mobile application, said Neil Corder, President of Wayne Smith Trucking, Inc.
Wayne Smith Trucking expects to complete deployment of ORBCOMMs solution in the first quarter of 2018.
During FMCSAs investigation, Keep On Trucking officials could not produce any records-of-duty-status or supporting documents.
During the past year, Keep On Trucking drivers have been cited for numerous violations, including reckless driving, failing to obey traffic control devices and failing to use a safety belt as required by federal regulations.
During FMCSAs investigation, Keep On Trucking officials could not produce the required maintenance files or records, including copies of roadside inspections or vehicle repair receipts showing that vehicle out-of-service defects had been repaired.